Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nate Dog!

Saturday night I lined out this fun cover up tattoo. Check out the old Betty Paige piece (actually the second tattoo I ever did!) that won't be there much longer.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

These colors don't run...

What lies hidden just below the surface? Stars and stripes forever, baby!

Opening Night

First night for the shop was Haloween, an appropriate night for an autumn tattoo. Here is a good example of a design that represents something personal (in this case mariage) without direct literal representation. So instead of her husbands name, or the date of the wedding, she chose two leaves floating together. This is a more timeless design that still has meaning for her and, god forbid they should split up, is universal enough to take on new meaning later in life.


Greetings! welcome to the opening post for my newly launched blog. Paradise Tattoo is the business half of my virtual 10/90*. Come here to see pictures of tattoos, talk about tats, see the shop, make an appointment, that kind of stuff. Or go to the Stinkblot for recreational rants and raves, like last nights GWAR show in Orono!